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Bambuh Boutique is a great starting point to explore Chiang Rai.

You will find almost all popular sightseeing spots - especially the local hidden gems that are off the beaten track - north or south of Chiang Rai's city center. So wherever you decide to stay when visiting Chiang Rai you will need some form of transportation.

When you are staying with us you can get around in several ways depending on your available time, mood, driving skills and weather conditions. Our surroundings offer beautiful Thai countryside and nearby waterfalls and villages which you can explore by grabbing one of our free city bikes (or rent a bicycle with gears or a scooter). The renowned Black House Museum is only a kilometer away as are some nearby restaurants and coffee shops.

Most of our guests prefer to make day trips with a private driver or a driver/guide or taxi which we are most happy to arrange for you.

Or... "grab a taxi"... If you have local internet access the Grab Taxi app is a perfect way to get around.


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