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Since this is Thailand, we like to do things 'sabai' (relaxed) as the Thai say. So we try to practice a flexible management style. Nevertheless there are always a few rules to make when we share our space with guests from multiple (cultural) backgrounds.


We kindly ask you to respect the check out time on the day of your departure as we need time to prepare your room for new guests arriving. If you would like a late check-out relating to the departure time of your airplane or bus, we can try to be flexible when there are no bookings for the room yet. This can not exceed an extra 1.5 hours. A longer late check-out will be charged at 50% of the room rate. If new guests will arrive for your room a late check-out is not possible.
If you decide to stay shorter than you booked, we have to charge the full amount of the booked stay and you are not entitled to a refund
Room rate, mini-bar, restaurant and other charges (e.g. trips) need to be paid fully before you check-out. We are only able to accept cash money in Thai baht, local bank transfer, Wise, Revolut or PayPal (fees may be applicable).


Bambuh is a relaxing place and that's what most of our guests highly appreciate. Please respect our quiet hours from 10 PM - 8 AM.


Our rooms are strictly non-smoking but feel free to smoke elsewhere as long as it will not bother other guests.


We appreciate it if you are so kind to take off your shoes before entering your room. First of all it is Thai custom but it is also more hygienic to our opinion. For our rooms with wooden floors it is essential as wearing your shoes can damage these floors.


Additional guest(s) in a room that are not registered at the time of check-in need to be reported and will be subjected to identification and registration and will be charged accordingly based on our rate policy.


We focus on environmentally friendly management so we suggest to change bed linen and towels only when they are dirty. However, feel free to ask for new towels if you like so.
You will find high quality bed linen & towels in your room for your convenience. We kindly ask you to use it as you would do at home. We provide facial tissues to remove your make-up. Unfortunately, sometimes guests use the towels for make-up removal or as a bath mat which results in the need to replace them. In such a case we have to charge a replacement fee.


We have a strong focus on managing our place as environmentally friendly as possible. So we recycle all waste, use low-energy light bulbs and only change towels and bed linen on your request or when we notice it is dirty. You can help us to switch of the air conditioning in your room when you go out to explore our surroundings, relax in the garden or enjoy breakfast or dinner at our main terrace. Your room will be cooled down fast enough when you are back and switch on the air-con. Please also close the door of your room when you use the air-con. This seems obvious but unfortunately we notice that not all our guests are aware of global warming.


We use a key card system for the A/C system in your room. If you leave/lock your room please remove/take the key card in order to support our environmentally friendly management approach. If you leave Bambuh and remove the key card from the key chain and leave it in the key card slot we have to charge THB 150. In case of a lost or damaged card the charge is THB 350. A lost key with tag is charged at THB 150.


Bambuh Boutique can not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents. This includes trips & tours booked through our staff, and renting or using bicycles or motorbikes from the resort which will be at the guest's own risk and responsibility. It's is strongly recommended that you check your insurance policy for the activities you intend to undertake.

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