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Unique blend

Feel at home while traveling

Seen enough hotels and guesthouses? Want to feel at home while you're on the go?

Visit our boutique style home-stay and enjoy our luxury rooms with all amenities you need. Indulge in a tranquil rural setting just outside the city center with a large, forest-style, tropical garden along side a creek with mountain views and daily lovely sunsets. We enjoy hosting and giving you a place to escape to. Come and go when you like, interact or stay quiet, and sleep when you feel like it.

Visiting Chiang Rai is not about visiting the city center which offers you the scene of a modern Thai city. What it is all about is exploring the beautiful province with its stunning nature, mountain scenery, hill-tribes, caves, coffee & tea plantations, its culture and impressive history. Bambuh Boutique offers you tranquility, the chance to experience local Thai lifestyle around us and makes a perfect starting point to explore. Yet, we are only a mere 10 km away from the downtown area with its hustle and bustle.

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